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Spring Recital 2021 – Zoom

These young musicians had a blast playing their music for each other!

The Beauty of Listening


The simplicity of the second movement of the Concerto in G Major by Maurice Ravel can only be fully appreciated after the experience of the vivacious first movement. It’s a breath of fresh air, like stopping to enjoy a beautiful sunset after a long day. As time passes by, you begin to hear tension that builds into a delightful swirl of movement. It’s almost like getting lost into a whirlwind of colorful sound. It has become one of my favorite pieces to play, because it’s a challenge to be patient enough to truly listen for the variation of colors in its music.



The Challenge of Virtuosity

The first movement of this concerto I performed certainly challenged my virtuosity! The hours I poured into this piece definitely made a better musician out of me.The opening of the concerto alone took a considerable amount of vivacious energy, note accuracy, and rhythmic drive.


The piece is the first movement of Maurice Ravel’s concerto in G Major, which he began composing in 1929. I studied under Anne Louise-Turgeon at Florida Atlantic University, who performed the orchestral part in this senior recital in 2009. Enjoy!


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