Songwriters That Win

Mia Fieldes, Hillsong singer/songwriter, arrived at Ocean’s Edge School November 8, 2011. She spent three days with us to share her knowledge about songwriting, being an artist as well as being a worship leader.

Mia definitely doesn’t speak with a timid spirit! Authority and sincerity ring throughout her passionate words. If you hear her speak, you know what motivates her and what resonates in her heart. She is passionate about helping songwriters craft great songs and share them in confidence and authority.

Songwriting is more important than most people realize. Musicians are out of a job without good songs to play. She wants to help writers discover what parts of their songs are good and what parts they need to refine. She desires songwriters to win.


Here are a few ideas from Mia Fieldes that you can use as begin to write a new song…

1. Start with a theme. What is your song about? Songwriters want to connect with people by sharing a common idea in a new way. Listen and analyze the top 10 songs of each genre of music. What themes do they use? A song should evoke an emotion, motivating the listener to do something. There is nothing new under the sun, but there is certainly a new way of expressing what we know.

2. Pick out a good title. It should be instantly memorable. Work on an opening line that supports the idea behind the title but doesn’t give away the punch line. End with lyrics that will bring you back to the title, leaving your listeners with a thought they had never pondered.

3. Consider your audience. If it’s for children, write simple and repetitive lyrics. If it’s for youth, write songs that are similar to the songs they listen to. If it’s a worship song, write a melody within an octave; write in a range that a guy or girl can sing; write a form with a clear structure. Figure out what your audience wants to hear and what they can sing.


“God gave you more than a song. He gave you a gift,” Mia said, “God wants a handmade version, not the Hallmark.” He wants to hear and see our creativity. Be confident. Get thick skin. Stay disciplined and diligent for “you are good as you want to be.”



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