Modern Track


The Modern Track is for students who are driven to learn music in our current era, but desire to take it to the next level. This track primarily focuses on the student’s development of improvisation, arranging and technique for the purposes of playing lead sheets, chord charts, and solo repertoire in a variety of genres to widen their musical knowledge. It encompasses the study of current popular music and/or worship music. The curriculum will continue to refine skills in the areas of music theory, aural training, keyboard skills, listening skills, and sight-playing. Advancement in the Modern Track will allow students to venture into sound design and to learn how to use a synthesizer.

Participation in the FSMTA District VI Student Day Music Theory Track for Levels 7 -12 is not required but will assist in developing skills in this track. Students are encouraged to be an active performer, participating in the Annual Recital, National Guild Auditions, as well as in the Jazz, Pop, and Rock Festival. Students in the Modern Track are required to practice 45-60 minutes per day and are to be fully prepared for each lesson with all necessary materials.

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