Formal Recital

Formal Recitals are held annually and are required for all students to participate. They provide opportunity for students to perform two pieces before family, friends, and other students. The dress is semi-formal and the music needs to be memorized. These performances create an environment where students learn how to concentrate under pressure and overcome their fears with courage. The participation cost is included in pricing for musical studies during the academic year. If a student is taking intermittent lessons, the cost to participate is $25. 

Please refer to the studio calendar for specific date and time. An evite will be sent once the Recital Location is finalized. This event is open for family and friends to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I invite family and friends?

Absolutely. You can forward the evite once received.

What should performers wear?

Something comfortable yet respectful (avoid jeans, shorts, short skirts, tank tops). Long hair pulled back helps us to see the performer’s profile. Also, it’s good to encourage your musicians to practice with their outfit/shoes. For example, heals and pedaling can be hinderance if they haven’t practiced with them.

How early should we arrive?

Arriving 15 minutes early will provide enough time to find your seats, use the restroom and relax for a few minutes.

Where will the performers sit?

There will be a section set aside for the performers. They will sit in the order of the program. Younger children usually perform at the beginning of the recital. They may sit with their parents after performing.

Can I take pictures and videos?

Yes! During the performance, please avoid flash since it can be distracting to the performer. Feel free to snatch a picture after the event!

Can I request a video/picture not to be shared on social media?

If everything works out technically, the recital is recorded and a group picture is taken. If you do not want your pictures or videos shared on social media, that’s not a problem. Please send an email a day before the event.

Can musicians share more music after the recital?

Sure thing! This is a great opportunity for students to informally play songs from their memory challenge (1 or 2 songs at a time).


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