Inspiring Musical Passion


Because of her devotion to inspire others musically, Jamie Fenton began teaching piano and keyboard lessons; through this endeavor, she has encouraged countless students to discover a love for music, develop an understanding of musicianship, and embrace an appreciation for the arts and creativity.

Expressive Keys, Inc. seeks to nourish musical passion within each piano student by guiding his or her musical journey, which focuses on musical  development in sight playing, varied repertoire, keyboard skills, written theory, aural training, listening skills, and music history. Piano Lessons are available online and in-person. 

Beginner students embark on their musical adventure through the course of Piano Essentials, which provides a foundation in music theory, sight playing, memorization, practice techniques, and keyboard skills. Once the student passes the Piano Essentials Program, he or she may choose a Focus Track, which includes the Modern Track, the Enrichment Track, and the Traditional Track.

Overall, Expressive Keys strives to foster a fun and exciting learning environment that will equip students with the tools to confidently play and enjoy the splendor that is music.


Let’s Chat.

Use the form below to contact Jamie Fenton with any questions you may have.


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