Course of Study

Beginner students embark on their musical adventure through the course of Piano Essentials, which provides a foundation in music theory, sight playing, memorization, practice techniques, and keyboard skills. Once the student passes the Piano Essentials Program, he or she may choose a Focus Track, which includes the Modern Track, the Enrichment Track, and the Traditional Track.


The Modern Track is for students who enjoy learning music in our current era, but desire to take it to the next level. This track primarily focuses on the student’s development of improvisation, arranging and technique for the purposes of playing lead sheets, chord charts, and solo repertoire in a variety of genres to widen their musical knowledge. It encompasses the study of current popular music and/or worship music…

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The Traditional Track is for students who are passionate to study music of incredible composers, including Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel. Repertoire primarily focuses on classical works; however, other musical styles are included to expand the student’s knowledge of music. The curriculum will continue to refine skills…

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The Enrichment Track is for students who desire to make music a part of their everyday life. Students may choose to study a variety of repertoire to match their interest, including classical, ragtime, blues, pop, folk, rock, R&B, hymns, duets, modern worship music. The flexible curriculum allows students to continue the study of music theory…

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