Student Day

The Florida State Music Teachers Association’s District VI hosts Student Day every year to provide a non-competitive evaluation on the areas of performance, keyboard skills, written theory, and aural theory. As a member of the Broward County Music Teacher’s Association, students in the Expressive Keys Studio are able to participate.

The event includes levels primary through twelve. If students complete the level twelve evaluation, they may be able to CLEP Sight-Singing, Ear-Training and Music Theory courses at the University they may attend after high school!

How does it work and what is the cost?

The aural and written theory exams are scheduled in the Fall Semester and the keyboard skills and performance evaluations are schedule in the Spring Semester. Awards and Certificates are given to students who participate. This event is highly encouraged for all students.

The event is held at North Broward Prep School, 7600 Lyons Rd., Coconut Creek, FL 33073. The cost to participate in Student Day is $35 per student. If your student needs a make-up, there is an additional $30 fee. View the calendar for specific dates since it varies year to year. 

Part 1: Aural & Written Music Theory Evaluation

Since the first evaluation is scheduled during the Fall, the first semester of musical studies is dedicated to studying aural and written music theory. These studies help to enhance how a student reads, writes and listens to music.

Students may bring a jacket and a no. 2 pencil. Please arrive a few minutes early to check-in. Specific times will be announced closer to the event. 

Part 2: Performance Evaluation

The second evaluation is scheduled in the Spring, and this gives the student the opportunity to receive feedback from an adjudicator. The student will share two or three memorized pieces, answer a few questions and play prepared keyboard skills. The adjudicator will write down encouraging yet constructive thoughts, which will be shared during the student’s lesson. 

Specific times of the private evaluation will be announced closer to the event. Please arrive a few minutes early to check-in. Students may bring a jacket, original music with measures numbered, and the Student Day Performance Evaluation Sheet. Wear appropriate performance attire (no shorts or flip flops). 

Student Day Honors Recital

For students scoring passing grades in both written and aural theory and all HONORS in performance conclude the Student Day experience with a special Honors Recital and will be awarded a medal from FSMTA at the Spring Recital. Please view the calendar for dates.



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