Academic Year

Private Piano Lessons are available in a variety of durations located in Coconut Creek, Florida. Musical training during the academic year occurs between August and May, which includes:


34 Private Lessons

Sheet Music

Annual Recital

2 Master Classes 

Priority Scheduling

BCMTA Summer Music Camp Scholarship Application (Optional)

Participation in Student Day and National Guild Auditions (Optional)


*If weekly lessons are not conducive to your schedule, intermittent lessons are available upon request. Please see pricing here

There are two payment methods available.


Payment Method #1: Semester Payments:

Payment for musical training during the academic year can be paid in one check per semester (Semester 1: August – December; Semester 2: January- May). Please make the checks payable to Expressive Keys, Inc. The payment for the first semester is due by the first lesson in August. The payment of the second semester is due by the first lesson in January. 

Lesson Length           per student

Semester 1 Payment Semester 2 Payment Total Cost for Academic Year
30 Minute Lessons $595 $595 $1,190
45 Minute Lessons $770 $770 $1,540
60 Minute Lessons $945 $945 $1,890
90 Minute Lessons $1,370 $1,370 $2,740
120 Minute Lessons $1,795 $1,795 $3,590


Payment Method #2: Monthly Installments:

If you would like to provide monthly post-dated checks rather than one full payment per semester, please submit five of them by the first lesson in August and five of them by the first lesson in January. Please make the checks payable to Expressive Keys, Inc. and post-date each check for the fifteenth of each month.


Lesson Length per student Semester 1, Monthly Installements Semester 2, Monthly Installments Total Cost for Academic Year
30 Minute Lessons $119  per month $119  per month $1,190
45 Minute Lessons $154  per month $154  per month $1,540
60 Minute Lessons $189  per month $189  per month $1,890
90 Minute Lessons $274  per month $274  per month $2,740
120 Minute Lessons $359  per month $359  per month $3,590


If you prefer to pay with a credit card, arrangements can be made with the additional cost of a 3% convenience fee. 


Additional Costs:

Additional costs include optional participation in evaluations, competitions, or fundraisers:


FSMTA District VI Student Day $25 – $35
National Guild Auditions $35 – $50
BCMTA Musicthon Fundraiser $20+ Donation
BCMTA Competitions $25 – $40
Extra Student Day Packet (to skip a level)


Please view the calendar for payment deadlines for the above activities. Please note that the package of lessons may be subject to increase annually to account for inflation.  There will be a $25 fee for any checks returned.



To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the MusicLink Foundation Form (select Forms; select Parent/Student Form) and request Jamie Fenton (ID number 102173) to be your teacher. 


New Students:

Please note: new students joining the studio after the academic year has begun will be given a credit toward the package of lessons for any services not rendered. As a result, the monthly amount may vary from the amounts listed above.


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