As my students grow musically, my hope is that they will discover a love for music that will give them an appreciation of the arts for the years to come. If you are interested in lessons, please read the studio’s policies below prior to registering:


Piano Practice

Students see progress when they practice their assignments deliberately and accurately for five to seven days per week in a distraction free environment. Working on this art form takes time, energy and focus. To accomplish this, parents are encouraged to schedule out a consistent practice time and to provide incentives to help develop good practicing habits. If the student is under the age of 8, a parent is highly encouraged to observe lessons and practice daily with the student for maturity purposes. Acoustic pianos are to be tuned once a year. Contact John Brower to schedule piano tuning appointments.

Practice Materials
  • Tuned acoustic piano with bench or a weighted, hammer-action keyboard with sustain pedal
  • Metronome and flashcards or a tablet with music apps
  • Assignment Book
  • Music Books
  • Pencil with Eraser
  • Nail clipper




If the instructor cancels the lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled.

If a student is unable to attend the scheduled lesson time, the student (or parent of the student) may contact another piano student  to exchange a lesson time (view the password protected swap list for contact information). For example, if Mary has an extracurricular activity that conflicts with her lesson time, she can ask Susan to attend her time slot for that week. The following week, Mary would attend two lessons, the first during her normal lesson time and the second during Susan’s lesson time. As another another example, if John has an extracurricular activity that conflicts with his lesson time, he can ask Peter to attend his lesson time instead, and then John would attend Peter’s lesson time the same week.

Please e-mail the instructor with any changes made to the schedule. A Skype or Face Time session is an alternative during the student’s lesson time in the event that the student is not feeling well or a family vacation time has been extended. If a student cannot make the scheduled lesson swap, the lesson is forfeited. Please note that all lesson swaps are to be completed before the last week of the school year. No refunds or credits will be given for missed or canceled lessons. Outside of these circumstances and emergencies (i.e. car accident, death of family member), no lessons will be rescheduled. Master Classes and performances, which are at other scheduled times than the student’s regular lesson, will be considered make-up lesson times. If a make-up lesson is not necessary, consider these extra opportunities a bonus for the student.


Registration & Scheduling

Online registration is available for both summer lessons (optional) and the new school year. I offer piano lessons once a week in increments of either 45 minutes or 60 minutes, located in my studio in Coconut Creek. Please refer to the calendar for start and end dates.

To complete registration, parents will need to submit payment for the semester (see tuition for details) to hold their scheduled lesson time. If the payment isn’t received by the specified date, the lesson time will be relinquished.

Once the registration is received, I will contact the parent to confirm the schedule; once established, the parent’s contact information and lesson time will be posted on the Swap List.

If a student needs to discontinue lessons, please notify the instructor via email 30 days prior to the last lesson. A refund will be given for lessons scheduled after the 30 day notification. At any time of the year, the instructor has the freedom to drop current students or deny prospective students. In the event that the instructor needs to dismiss a student from the studio, written notification and a refund for lessons not rendered will be provided.


Parental Supervision

For students under the age of 18, a parent (or guardian) is highly encouraged to be at the lesson, especially for younger students. If it’s necessary for siblings to be present during a lesson, please provide a quiet activity to entertain them. The instructor is not held responsible for any siblings left unattended by a parent (or guardian).



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