Organized and Ready to Practice!


The new school year starts soon! It’s important to get everything in order before starting this new season of piano lessons so that nothing hinders your child from practicing. Please make sure that your child has the following items:


  • Spiral Notebook

  • Pencil & Eraser

  • Metronome (extra batteries, if needed)

  • Nail Clipper (please trim nails once a week)

  • Flashcards or the equivalent on a technological device

  • Motivational Charts

  • Music Stand

  • Tuned Acoustic Piano

  • Plenty of light near the piano or keyboard

  • Bench (with cushion/pillow for younger students)

  • Footstool (for younger students)

  • Music is organized and ready to use near the piano or keyboard (Move music books from previous years in a separate area).



If you don’t have the space to organize piano books in a book shelf, try these solutions:


  • Find all of the books, and divide into current music, repertoire music and past music. Store them in Magazine Dividers near the piano. Label them (if you want to go the extra mile).

  • Find all of the current books and store them in a hanging Wall File near the piano.

  • Store the metronome, pencil, eraser, nail clipper and flashcards in a binder zipper pouch. Hang a hook on the wall near the piano, and slide the zipper pouch on it.

  • Use a combination of a mail holder and hook to store current music and to hang the binder zipper pouch mentioned above.

  • Store all of the music in a Square Basket near the piano. Make sure the basket is square or rectangle and not round; otherwise, you may damage the books.



Do you have any solutions for organizing piano music and materials? Please share!


Getting Organized

Organized and Ready to Practice!


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