Keyboard Technique

Hand technique for keyboard and piano is definitely one of those aspects that can be overlooked. It’s easier to adapt to the correct hand positions early on in a pianist’s development. But if you haven’t even thought about hand technique as a musician — it’s never too late. Really, the purpose of technique is to make it easier for the player to learn and play faster. It’s foundation provides limitless opportunity and strength. Working on your own hand technique is never a bad idea.

Here is a picture of good hand technique — memorize it.

  1. The knuckles are higher than the wrist — “snowy mountains”
  2. The palm is round — “ball shaped hand”
  3.  The finger tips are curved and relaxed — small “hammers”

It looks easy but here are multiple ways that people play the keyboard that can cause problems after years of bad habits. Check out the best hand position versus the ones that can hurt ya.

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